Looking for a versatile, durable and easy way to renew your kitchen or bathroom interior?

At Paneltec, our technical wall panels are made of calcium carbonate and PVC, making them extremely tough and durable. Due to the unique properties of these materials, the panels are also 100% waterproof

On top of that, our wall panels are also made to withstand humid and moist environments, which are especially suited in bathroom and kitchen areas. Most importantly, they are easy to clean and maintain, making it the perfect substitute for conventional tiles.

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Black Marquina

Black Marquina is designed with a strong black base with white delicate streaks, giving any room a distinct and sophisticated look.

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White Volakas

White Volakas” diagonal veins give instant character to any wall. Its the ideal design for both traditional and modern spaces.

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Black Gold Calacatta

The Black Gold Calacatta screams elegance and power all at the same time with its black base and golden streaks.

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Travertino is a neutral and natural looking design. balancing its yellow base with random vertical streaks.

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Creme Antola

The cream-colored base with almost oblivious fine lines is the perfect match for people with simple yet elegant taste.

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PT05 (01)

Bronze Antola

The Bronze Antola gives you a clean yet interesting design that suits well in any area. The streaks are well-defined yet not overpowering and can complement any theme.

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Statuario is a timeless design that works perfectly in any room with its simple base and subtle diagonal streaks of grey.

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Light Emperador

A strong tile design that can define any room with its lighter black base and overlapping streaks.

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PT07 (01)

Bronze Emperador

The Bronze Emperador has a powerful style that boasts dominance. With its sharp-looking design its hard not to adore every inch of it.

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Gold Pine

A design that adds an outdoor feel to any area. It is a fusion of nature and modern aesthetics creating balance in any room.

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White Oak

Bring nature into any space with the perfectly-designed white oak. It resonates the real wood with its light tone and natural style.

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Maya Grey

Maya grey emits a raw beauty that you can’t find anywhere else. It gives that faint industrial feel and a style that is timeless

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Creme Travertino

Crème Travertino has a clean and sleek look but gives any room an added texture. It instantly transforms the space into something even more amazing.

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White Botticino Classico

White Botticino Classico has a creamy tone and is versatile enough to be used practically anywhere

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Grey Botticino Classico

If you prefer darker botticino classico, get the one in grey. It has similar streaks like White Botticino Classico, and perfect for low maintenance areas.

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White Thassos

The White Thassos is subtle, yet classy. Due to its pristine colour, it’s best suited for clean, minimalistic designs.

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Grey Caesar

The Grey Caesar is ideal for a more modern and industrial look. The design is straightforward, making it easy to accessorize

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Sandy Beach

Give any room a tropical feel with the Sandy Beach tiles. Earthy and gives off a natural vibe that gives any space a distinct character.

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Nero Marquina

Nero Marquina is designed with a strong black base with lesser white delicate streaks compare to Black Marquina.

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Sonata Grey

Sonata Grey comes with a liberal sprinkling of grey droplets on a bed of silver fog that elevates the contemporary minimalist interiors.

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